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Winners possess unconditional respect for all things in life. They have an absolute acceptance of everything in between extremes. This truly prepares them for attaining prosperity. Not everyone was born with the same aptitude for becoming a winner, but anyone willing to learn the ways of a winner will discover how "Balance" or "Yin & Yang" is essential to their success. This book unveils specific ingredients for preparing one towards becoming a winner especially at the game of Baccarat. Everyone's result will vary based on their own discipline. Some will become winners and some won't. Will you?

About “Baccarat Prosperity” Book

“Baccarat Prosperity” is a book about winning money consistently at a casino game called Baccarat. If you follow the instructions in this book with great discipline and avoid being greedy, I promise that you will enjoy a prosperous experience playing Baccarat. I have made it as short and simple as possible so that there are no unnecessary words to take up your time. In fact, it is less than 25 pages while being filled with great information to prepare you.

The game of Baccarat is quite simple but so many people complicate it. Learning the card drawing rules is really easy once you memorize these 4 numbers: 38, 427, 547 and 667. Although the drawing rules are important, please keep in mind that the purpose of this book is not to teach you how to deal cards for the game of Baccarat. Instead, this book will teach you: what to bet on, when to bet on it, and how much to bet. Of course, there is a bookkeeping method that you will learn in order to know exactly what your next move is. No, it is not complex or beyond impossible to write down X’s and O’s along with numbers that keep track of your bet amounts on a standard Baccarat score card.

The Baccarat System, a combination of a Dynamic Money Management Strategy, Bet Selection Method and Proper Discipline, taught in this book will prepare you to become successful at winning money consistently playing Baccarat. You will ultimately experience prosperity when you learn how to properly utilize the knowledge within. It will not take long for you to completely understand how to make use of the strategy. There will be enough examples within to help you fully understand how it all works.

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I have also released my second book called “Casino Prosperity”. Within it, I show you a Bankroll Management Strategy that can be used on any 1 to 1 payout game. I also share important wisdom to safeguard yourself in casino environments. Here’s the link:

– Chentao Xinglue

Knowledge inspires Success

These are some things you can expect to learn after reading this book.

Dynamic Money Management

This innovative method keeps you on top of your bankroll. Knowing exactly how much to bet ensures that you will always make a profit at the end of your play.

Bet Selection Strategy

Knowing what to bet on and when to bet will keep you on top of your game. Inside is a tested and proven algorithm that ensures you select the right bet at the right time.

Discipline & Mind Power

Includes a guide to keeping your mind focused. Know exactly what it takes to be a winner by avoiding certain actions and behaviors will ensure your success.

Baccarat Drawing Rules

Knowing the shortcut to remembering all of the drawing rules will help you spot any misdeals. If you can catch a misdeal, then you can save the remainder of the deck from possibly going haywire.

Baccarat Jargon

Knowing some common words pertaining to the game of Baccarat will make you feel empowered and experienced. As you hear these words spoken at the table, you will understand what they mean.

Support for Customers

If you need help understanding something, just ask.

It could be possible that I may not have explained something clearly enough in the book. As such, I am willing to provide further explanation via the Customer Support page. To go there, just click on the “Get Support Now” button. Once there, you can open a new ticket and it will notify me when you submit your question.

Reviews are Meaningful

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Positive reviews are always appreciated as it lets the author know that he inspired goodness in someone’s life. If you feel inclined to write a review, please be constructive and share your true experience with others about the book. Thank you kindly.


These customers insist on sharing their thoughts about the book.

“This book is underpriced!”

At $7.25 USD, I didn’t even think twice whether to buy it. Boy oh boy… What a real surprise! After reading the book, I must say that it needs to be priced way higher! The winning strategies found within is quite invaluable! Pure genius! It is very apparent that the author of the book just wants to humbly share his knowledge with the right people with an interest in Baccarat. If someone isn’t interested in the topic, then they won’t buy this book either way even if it provides instructions on making unlimited money. I feel like I got this at a steal deal.– Steve D. (Las Vegas, NV)

“Worth Many Times The Cost For The Money Management Strategy Alone!”

This is an excellent book, that is both educational and helpful. The dynamic money management strategy that keeps your bankroll healthy alone is worth many times the cost of this book. What is revealed is mind blowing! By employing this strategy the author states you could lose 20 hands and only win 11, yet still make a profit!! As the author states, “As long as you maintain a “Winning bet” to “Losing bet” ratio of 11:20 it means that this scheme will work flawlessly in every case. This is huge!  When losing 20 out of 31 times. It means you could almost lose 2/3 of your wagers and still see a profit!! So if your bet selection method gives you over a 36% chance of winning then you profit.  The author states that in 22 years of playing Baccarat the worst shoe he has played was 35 losing bets versus 18 winning, yet he still came out of that shoe a winner.  In that shoe he endured 17 losing bets in a row.  If a dynamic money management strategy can overcome that then it is worth finding out about.  Thank you.– Robert C. (Great Britain, UK)

You can win consistently in baccarat.

I have tried several baccarat systems during past years (paying a lot of money). Some of them worked for a while, but on the long run i was always losing money. None of them could provide consistent winning. That is the difference between other systems and Baccarat Prosperity. I purchased the Baccarat Prosperity ebook from amazon like two weeks ago. It is maybe the most affordable baccarat ebook out there and believe me it is worth every penny. It is very easy to understand with no wasted words. It is very important that combines bet placement strategy, with betting progression strategy. If you follow with discipline, exactly what author writes, then yes you can win consistently in baccarat. And the best part of it, author will always support you, answering immediately to every question that you may have. It was my best buy ever!– Sotirios A. (Somewhere in USA)

Very Interesting Betting Approach.

I really enjoyed this book. No wasted words. Short and sweet but the author gave me exactly what I was looking for. A new system with money management and strategy. Highly suggest buying this book. The small amount of money will be recouped in a fraction of a hand.– Kameron A. (Somewhere in USA)

“Prosperity starts this year!”

I’ve been a Blackjack player for many years. Counting cards is one way to get the lowest house edge. Someone told me that Baccarat is a game with quite a low house edge too. So, I decided to look for books to help me learn the game. The first thing I did was searched Amazon for Baccarat books. This book along with a few others came up but since it was the newest one, I thought I would give it a try. As I was reading into it, I was shocked to find that not only did the book teach me how to play baccarat, but it also taught me how to win money consistently playing the game! To test it out, I downloaded a Baccarat app and practiced according to its instructions. I see why it is titled Baccarat Prosperity. I will surely prosper starting this year!– Angela G. (Shreveport, LA)

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The MM approach is something new to me, I like to play Martingale and this will be a good addition to my tool box. Thank you

I am so excited about this book! Thank you so much for taking time to write it and share it with the world at an incredibly affordable price. God bless you. Take care and be safe!

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