Here are some frequently asked questions about the book and/or its content.

What should I have as a bankroll?

The saying, “It takes money to make money,” has a lot of truth in it. As with operating any type of income generating venture, having a bankroll (or working capital) is essential to one’s financial success. Sometimes, it takes a bit more spending to make just a small profit. Sometimes, companies spend so much money on a marketing campaign with hopes to attract more business but only to find out that they lost profit for the month. Sometimes, when all the pieces are aligned and things go according to the plan & strategy, even the most minimal operating cost requirements reap larger profits. That goes to say that the profit or loss depends on how things play out. No one knows the future; however, one might be able to make a forecast on certain conditions from past data in order to make favorable decisions that result in consistent profits regardless of the fluctuation of gains and losses throughout any period of time. Investing money into anything requires knowledge of its performance in the marketplace. With that said, operating a franchised restaurant will require a larger bankroll than running a home-based business designing websites. With any revenue generating venture, both time and money is a factor and is required to determine the financial result at the end of a defined period. As it relates to the “business” of Baccarat, to make a consistent profit obviously requires time and money. How much? Well, that depends on how things play out. Sometimes, it requires several hundred of units to make a 1-unit gain over 45 dealt hands; and other times, it only requires less than ten units to make 20+ units in the same amount of dealt hands. The idea is to prepare for “rainy days” as it’s never going to be “sunshine” all the time. From personal experience, what I can say though is that the average amount of units required to turn a 10 unit profit within any given session is about 80 units. This is the norm. The key point here is that one can expect on average an “investment : return” ratio of “8 : 1” or a 12% return on investment. Sometimes it’s a lot higher (like 8 : 20 or 250% ROI) and sometimes it’s a lot lower (like 480 : 1 or ~0.21% ROI). These are the extremes that I’ve seen personally. Importantly, the bottom line is that you won’t ever go bankrupt with a lifetime bankroll of 480 units.

How many units can I expect to make in one shoe?

On average, you can make about 9 to 15 units per shoe. However, I’ve experienced as low as 4 units and as high as 22 units per shoe. In the game of Baccarat, people would be happy to make even just 1 unit on a consistent basis. Making 1 unit with Baccarat Prosperity is hardly a challenge if that’s your goal per shoe.

Does this work for online casinos?

As long as the the game is dealt fairly, it will work. Just keep in mind that every shoe is different and that some shoes might even be unplayable depending on the flow of Bankers and Players.

Is this difficult to learn?

Everyone has a unique pace at which they learn. Being able to grasp the concept of the strategies pertaining to bet selection and money management is dependent upon one’s ability to follow procedures.